Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )
What is Sahodaya Schools Complex?
Sahodaya Schools Complex Is a concept literally meaning ''rising together''. It came into existence in the year 1986, to facilitate synergy of ideas among the Schools of CBSE, for excellence in education. Sahodaya Schools of complex is a group of neighborhood schools voluntarily coming to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation, and pedagogy and also providing support services for teachers and students.
Who has given the concept of Sahodaya?
Sahodaya concept is developed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi in 1986, the largest governing body of academics with nearly 16047 schools affiliated to it within the country as well as abroad (250 Schools) functioning under the aegis of Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. It is a unique platform for all CBSE affiliated Schools to share their experience and to work jointly for scholastic as well as co-scholastic excellence In 1987, CBSE brought out a publication titled,''Freedom to learn and freedom to grow through Sahodaya Schools Complexe''
What are the benefits of joining Sahodaya?
Member sahodayas can share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation and pedagogy with other sahodayas all over the country and abroad.
How to Create a Sahodaya Schools Complex?
If you do not have Sahodaya Complex in your city, you may collaborate with your neighboring schools to create a new Sahodaya Schools Complex. The procedure to be followed is outlined below in easy steps:
i. 5-10 schools which are located geographically close to each other can come together. The Principal of any one school may convene a meeting of the Principals of all member schools to elect a President, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers on a rotation basis. They may give a name to their Sahodaya Cluster. In one district, there could be more than one Sahodaya Cluster depending on the number of schools and geographical locations.
ii. The members may draw up a set of bye-laws for the Sahodaya School Complex delineating the aims of the voluntary body, the functions, duration of office etc. of office bearers, list of main activities, periodicity of meetings, subscription etc
iii. An account in a local bank may be opened in the name of the Sahodaya School Complex to be operated jointly by any two office bearers. The account should be audited annually and details circulated to all the members.
iv. An action plan for the whole year may be prepared in consultation with all the members. Duties for carrying out different programmes may be allocated among members. The members should meet at least once a month to review the activities and to take up for discussion any issue of academic nature.
v. Once a Sahodaya Complex has been formed, the Secretary may send the details with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail ids of the President and Secretary to Director (Academic, Resarch, Training and Innovation), Central Board of Secondary Education, at
The details may also be sent by post to Ms. Neha Sharma, Central Board of Secondary Education "Shiksha Sadan", 17, Institutional Area, Rouse Avenue, Delhi-110002.

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